Food Journal Outline

food journal pic

Starting a food journal is the best way to understand what you are ACTUALLY eating throughout the day. You will be able to see very clearly where you can make improvements to your diet. Use an actual journal or the Notes app on your phone.


  1. Every eating period is to be separated by about 3 hours. **Keep track of meal and snack times.
  2. Include everything you eat and everything you drink in your journal.
  3. Include approximate quantities of the foods you eat.
  4. Our goal is to land right around 2,000 calories per day so make adjustments. For example, if you’ve missed a snack, you can have more calories at your next meal.

 Use this outline:


Meal 1 (500 calories):

Snack 1 (150 calories):

Meal 2 (500 calories):

Snack 2 (150 calories):

Meal 3 (500 calories):

*Snack 3 (150 calories):

*Snack 3 only if necessary. If this is late at night and you’re not hungry, pass on the snack.

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