Looking for a little boost? Try one of these natural, caffeine free options:



1.5 tablespoons of powder goes in the morning green drink

e 3 live

E3 Live

 Defrost in refrigerator and pour liquid into ice cube trays. Freeze. Pop a cube out in the morning and place in water or juice. Once the algae cube has melted, drink!


Drink 1 ounce shot on an empty stomach. Swish wheatgrass in mouth for at least 30 seconds to help make it easier to swallow and improve oral health. After taking the shot, wait 30 minutes before eating.

bee pollenBee Pollen

When possible, buy local bee pollen which you can sometimes find at your farmer’s market. Sprinkle on a smoothie or eat it straight. Start with 1/8 teaspoon and work up from there.